Tips To Improve Efficiency In A Pharmacy January 11, 2018 January 11, 2018 Napoleone Ferri

Incorporating a patient centered concept into the pharmacy is important to the patients as well as the healthcare aficionados alike. Here are some tips to help make the transition from the conventional fee for service techniques to the care that is value based all the while increasing efficiency.

Seek help from the staff

Include the staff in the strategic steps executed in the pharmacy. These include the reduction of unwanted admission as well as extending the duration of care. The management can even take steps to integrate the pharmacists into the transitions of care, development of post discharge patient care along with the provision of pharmaceutical services in the ambulatory settings.

Incorporate technology

The management can include energy boosting equipment. Easy packing solutions such as an ideal sachet machines can improve the efficiency in the entire process of supplying the customer with an impressive service. With increased efficiency in the process, there is a chance that you will be able to cater to more customers than usual thus increasing the sales. Such sachet packaging equipment can also improve the efficiency of a pharmacy that has issues with limited space. Also, incorporating such technology that includes barcode scanning techniques that takes care of accurate type of medication is packed, will be able to minimize errors that would ultimately dissatisfy a customer.

Hire professionals

As the management of the pharmacy, make sure that you hire professional pharmacists as well as technicians who are qualified with professional certifications. This will provide a great value to the entire business entity all the while improving the overall efficiency. If the pharmacists spend time performing tasks that need to be done by the technicians, it will result in major loss of sales and productivity.

Keep records

Do remember to maintain a properly regulated standardized documenting system that has been created with the proper guidance of professional and experienced pharmacists. Instead of improving the documents from the scratch itself, whoever is reviewing the records of the pharmacy will be able to refer to the neatly kept records. Look to include details such as reviews of the drug class, interchanges, and specific guidelines for medication, procedures, policies and more.

Improve the layout

Look to improve the efficiency of the pharmacy with re-doing the layout of the pharmacy. Figure out the best way to guide the customer through the pharmacy in a way that it improves the efficiency in the sales process as well as provide the customer with utmost comfort. Choose the medications that are often bought by the customers and place them near the counter. As for the medications that do not need to be consumed immediately, they can be placed in faraway aisles.