A Life Renewal Chance

Gestalt therapy

If one thinks through a normal concept, a human consist of two components, mind-body, but, what interesting is although they do seem two separate components, in reality, they are connected and act as one complete set. It is easy to observe it as well. Respectively, it depends on how one responds, like, some people when they feel pressured or tensed, they experience headache and mood swings. Some people are unable to concentrate on a single task because there is an element in the back of their mind which is bothering him and hence, his hands and brain are unable to cooperate causing his concentration level to decrease. This is where gestalt therapy and theory come in. 

Frits and Laura Perls, in the 1940’s developed a Gestalt therapy. It entirely rejects the idea of mind, body and soul, being the three separate components of the body. Gestalt is a German word which means whole. The gestalt theory believes and enforces the idea of a mind and body not being a separate part but a unit that fits together and work together. This therapy is designed to help people step into awareness and self-regulate in the environment. 

Awareness is what gestalt therapy is all about. This is done in three different ways. When a person is entirely aware of himself and can work as a whole, he then can bring changes in his environment. The three ways that are used in this very therapy are 

  • The contact with the environment
  • Here and now
  • Responsibility

Gestalt theory also talks about energy and its blockage. Gestalt therapy helps to release blocked energy. For example, tension is blocked energy. It disturbs the entire environment of the person and it forms an invisible resistant barrier. This therapy addresses all such problems and helps people with their energy.

Growth is an important part of life. Gestalt theory addresses this very well. A person unable to grow is unable to cope with the upcoming life changes. Such a person turns on his defensive mode as he is scared of what might come and hence, cause trouble for himself. This type of reaction leads him to lose what every good that is coming his way. 

Regrets of something happened in past drains out all the energy to move forward and lead a healthy content life. This is something many people suffer from. This hinders them to achieve their goals in life. Their vision is blurred and is frequently interrupted by the past traumas. Gestalt therapy helps a person to let go of the past and move forward. 

This psychological therapy is for those who are unable to bring balance in their lives. There might be a different reason for each person, but, in the end, everyone suffers from the same phenomena, discomfort in the life and unable to lead a healthy psychological life.