Role And Work Of Dentist

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Dentist is a person who deals with the human teeth related diseases and make them to treat like teeth whitening in windsor, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry etc. His duty is to maintain the oral health and make preventions for oral diseases. This is a very big profession at all and needed a high quality of qualification. Dentist also perform surgeries in severe conditions. The overall duty of a dentist is to make their patients satisfied with his work about teeth diseases.

Dentist career path:

The dentist career is started first on a small level. After some experience the junior dentist are promoted to the next level and gradually become the senior member. After all this is not as simple as climbing on the roof. It is pretty difficult because this path needs a very hard work and conceptual knowledge. Being a dentist there are more than one opportunities where a person can perform a variety of tasks i.e teaching at a dentist school, working on its own clinic, or as a dentist of armed forces.


This process needed three steps in order to accomplish the journey of dentist.

  • First step: Include the A level study or the undergraduate level study. This can also be done by 5 year degree in dentistry and that degree should must be approved by GDC(general dental council) . If that 5 year degree is not approved by GDC then the owners of the company have authority to prohibit the study of that specific student. By following these conditions a student can easily take in four years dental degree course.
  • Second step: In this step you have to register your degree from GDC. This step is most important in all these steps.
  • Third step: After completing this four years degree you have to do your two year postgraduate dental training under the supervision of senior members. This is the final step of your journey and after completing this training you can easily make your own clinic of dental care.

Key Skills:

  • The most important skill in dental training is communication. You should be a best communicator because in this way you can easily understand the problems of your patients and they also see a very friendly environment.
  • High concentration is also needed because dental Implants and cosmetic dentistry type things need a lot of concentration in doing work perfectly. Even a very little mistake can destroy the whole surgery. So a dentist should must make himself high concentrated in his work.
  • A dentist must have an interpersonal skills in him and he should be able to talk with all ages persons because different people relating from different backgrounds have different ways to express their thoughts so a dentist should be able to handle every situation.

A dentist in prahran must have leader type qualities because when he became a senior member then he must know how to deal with team members and how he choose the right way which would be then followed by others.